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Gillian's final blog

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Greetings from The Thin Mann

Yes I am thinner than a thin stick so I refuse to look in a mirror and gaze instead at my round, rosy, sing song smiley grandaughter.

Thank you my dear friends for all your good wishes and concern for me. I am most grateful.
Presently I spend a few days in Binalong then a few days in Canberra. Last week I was at home,
this week at Julian's in Canberra; hospitals, specialists, testings, plans of action etc.

Whilst my type of cancer has no cure presently, there are treatments that alleviate the pain and improve the quality of my life.

Whilst it is a bummer being ill it is also quite interesting. It is fascinating to enter the world of the medical specialist, a close interconnected world of humane gentle people.

This week is establishing what kind of pancreatic cancer I have, rare or common. The establishment of its kind, determines what type of Kemo zapping I will receive. Fortunately my
hair will not drop out. By next Tuesday they will know and zapping will begin.

Over Christmas I should be at my worse, more tired than I am now, but things pick up as the new year begins. Pain alleviated, appetite returns and the Thin Mann gains weight; energy
returns, normality is resumed. A few years of life left in the old dog yet.

Whilst I am quite tired presently and somewhat preoccupied with pain management, I am in
good spirits. I am most grateful for my splendid network of friends, wonderfully cheering.
Thank you. I am so lucky to live in Binalong I knew a small community would be good to live in.
Also, in a small community cancer is not uncommon. In a suburb one never knows whose got
what, but in a village all the variations of cancer become manifest. No use being sorry for one's
self, always someone else worse off.

I am well cared for, Julian keeps you all informed, my dear friend Leonie drives me here and there.

Christmas party time is coming up make sure my dear friends that you have a great time.
I appreciate every lovely thought and contact from you, wonderful. Please excuse the time it is
taking me to respond, all my spare energy has been taken up with medical organising,
the bureaucracy of the health community demands it's stack of paper to be filled in and filed.
But I love you all. Chat to you soonish.

Love Gillian. XXXX

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Fatigue and pain...

Hello all

I am amazed how quickly I become so tired. The slightest things tire me - eating, walking to the loo, picking up the phone, saying hello, sitting up i bed, sometimes just speaking.

So this means I am unable to converse for very long - this is unexpected.

I am very happy to receive messages, greetings and all those lovely things. But please do not take offence if I don't message back immediately, or can't take a call. It's nothing personal.

The other big experience is pain. I have medication of course but it is unpredictable and is a constant. It goes away now and then of course, but refuses to stay away.

I'm hanging in there and don't wish to sound morbid.

Sending my love and appreciation to all my dear friends.


Saturday, 29 December 2007

Goodbye my dear friends

Not long before she passed, Gillian said "Goodbye, Goodbye my dear friends".

Gillian passed away at 6:00pm, 29 December 2007.