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Personal history

1909 - Gillian Mann’s father, Charles Barton Mann born, 19 April 1909, at 13 Rodney Street, West Hartlepool, Country Durham England
1910 - Gillian Mann’s mother, Beryl Watson b. Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
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1932 - Gillian Mann’s parents, Charles Mann and Beryl Watson marry
1939 - Gillian Mann born 11 May 1939, Birth in the district of Shardlow, in the County of Derby, born at 78, The Hollow, Littleover, Derby, England
1939 - The Manns move to Derby, Charles Mann working as a journalist for Derby Evening Post
1940 - Beryl Mann becomes a cub reporter, writes the social/arts column for the duration of WWII
1944 - Charles Mann goes to war as a radar man in Ceylon, reaches rank of sergeant
1946 - Father returns from Ceylon, having worked for a year after the end of WWII for the BBC
1946 - Gillian Mann begins school
1949 - Gillian Mann is sent to Friargate House School for Girls as a day boarder
1953 - Mann family move to Lancaster when Gillian's father became editor of the Lancaster Guardian newspaper
1953 - Gillian Mann begins attending Skerton Girls Modern School, Lancaster
1957 - Gillian Mann joins the Royal Women’s Navy (WRENS), trains as a dental nurse, and travels around the UK
1961 - Leaves the WRENS, returns to Lancaster and begins to prepare her portfolio for art school
1961 - Lancaster College of Art, Intermediate Examination in Art and Design
1963 - Graduates Lancaster - Intermediate Examination in Art and Design
1963 - Begins at Leicester College of Art, Diploma Art and Design, Fine Art, Painting
1964 - Marries Kashmirilal Mohanlal Shah, November 1964
1965 - March 1965, Gillian's son Julian Mann born
1965 - Applies to return to Leicester College of Art after the breakdown of her marriage to Shah
1966 - Trip to Italy with other students from Leicester: Arrezo, Rome, Florence, Padua, Assisi, Venice.
1967 - Graduates Leicester College of Art, Dip AD Fine Art, Painting
1967 - Begins at Hornsey College of Art, London, Post Graduate, Visual education
1968 - Completes post-grad research at Hornsey College of Art
1969 - Technician & Senior Technician, Visual Aids, Printing, Garnet College, London
1969 - Marries Alistair Geoffrey Hay, 24 March 1969, Kensington, London
1971 - Migrates to Australia June 1971
1972 - Employed as Lecturer - Art Diploma Studies, Canberra School of Art
1974 - Separates from Alistair Hay
1976 - Charles Barton Mann dies in Lancaster England April 1976
1976 - Lecturer, Print workshop, Canberra School of Art
1976 - Australian citizenship
1981 - Travels to the UK, France, Germany
1984 - Begins studying kilnformed glass
1985 - Commonwealth Teaching Service Overseas Travel Award (Travels to London, Europe, Japan)
1985 - Selected for a 6 month residency at the Centrum Frans Masreel, Kasterlee, Belgium
1987 - Wins the special award, Administatione Provinciale di Vercelli, Premio Internationale Biella per l’incisione, Biella Italy
1990 - Awarded The Blake Prize for Religious Art, Blaxland Gallery, Sydney
1991 - Delivered paper: ‘The Value of Life: Gynocentric Art, Ancient Spirituality and its Contemporary Relevance’ 1991 National feminist conference, Sydney.
1993 - Delivered paper, ‘Iconography’ AUSGLASS conference, Canberra School of Art, Australian National University, Canberra
1994 - Begins to learn digital art techniques
1995 - Lecturer, Computer Aided Art Studies, Canberra School of Art, ANU
1996 - Retires Canberra School of Art ANU
2001 - Beryl Mann dies in Lancaster England, aged 91
2007 - Gillian's grand daughter Lila Mann born March 2007
2007 - Gillian Mann dies from pancreatic cancer 27 December 2007